Introduction to MM2H Programme

Malaysia My Second Home Programme (MM2H) is an initiative and supported by the Government of Malaysia to allow people from all over  the world who fulfill certain criteria, to stay  in Malaysia as long as possible on a social visit pass.  The MM2H Visa Permit is initially for a period of ten (10) years (depending on the validity of the applicants’ passport) and is renewable.
MM2H programme is open to citizens of all countries regconised by Malaysia regardless of race, religion, gender or age. Applicants are allowed to bring their spouses and unmarried children below the age of 21 and parents as dependents under a renewable long term (6 months) visa.
MM2H visa permit also use as a base from which:
  • to retire or semi-retire

  • to conduct business overseas

  • to educate their children

Each participant is allowed to bring in his/her own car (used) or purchase a new locally-assembled car without having to pay import duty, excise duty and sales tax.  However, they must apply for prior approval within 6 month/1 year time period given by the Finance Ministry and Ministry of International Trade and Industry. Participants are only allowed to sell their imported / locally purchased car after 2 years stay on the MM2H programme by paying the prevailing duties.

Each applicant can apply for one maid subject to guidelines of the Immigration Department.

Tax Exemption is given to remittance of offshore pension fund into Malaysia & any other fund transferred into Malaysia.

Generally any MM2H visa holders can own their own business as Directors (own 100%) without the requirement of any Local Malaysians, terms apply.

How to apply

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